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Returns policy appears to be a "no returns" policy. I bought a pair of boys boots here in November and was very dissappointed when the shoes had developed a hole in them within two weeks of my son wearing them. In my opinion and experience kids shoes don't always look their best after a couple of weeks of wear but developing a hole in the material this quickly seemed unreasonable to me. Took advice from a couple of sources and returned the shoes. Beligerent response from the assistant manager who suggested that my son does not know that it is the soles of the shoes that should be in contact with the floor and that he had deliberately worn a hole in the outside of the shoe. Another member of staff agreed to send the shoes off for "testing" by "quality control" who stated that there is no manufacturing defect... being made out of a material not able to withstand normal wear is obviously not a defect in their eyes. Bought a cheaper pair of shoes from Asda as a replacement and they still look new four weeks later. I will not be buying here again and would warn others against shopping here. A thoroughly disgruntled customer...

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